Fresh Air Holiday in Indonesia

Fresh Air Holiday in Indonesia Oxygen, temperature, and Haze free are very important things for our health. By volume, dry air in general contains 78 % nitrogen, 21 % oxygen, 1% argon, and small amounts of other gas including carbon dioxide.

In dense cities and polluted areas the oxygen concentration could drop as low as 18% which is not very good for health. The minimum oxygen concentration in the air required for human breathing is 19.5 percent. Low oxygen concentration could destroy brain cells and other cells causing memory loss and loss of ability to make a conclusion or decision.

The human body takes the oxygen breathed in from the lungs and transports it to the other parts of the body via the body’s red blood cells. Each cell uses and requires oxygen to thrive. The level of oxygen can drop due to other toxic gas reacting with it. One of the toxic gas is carbon monoxide (CO) which could come from car exhaust or industrial chimney.

Fresh Air Holiday in Indonesia

This morning the air in Bogor city center near Hotel Salak The Heritage has 23 % oxygen at 23.6 C temperature, clean, and free from haze. This air condition is the best for health. The air in Bogor is always clean because almost every night Bogor air is washed by rain. Bogor is also well known as rain city.

Fresh Air Holiday in Indonesia
Fresh Air Holiday in Indonesia

Many tourists enjoy this air condition in the morning by jogging or walking. Right in front of the hotel there is 4 km jogging track circling beautiful and clean Bogor presidential Palace and Bogor Botanical Garden. This best air quality makes Bogor is chosen by President Joko Widodo as his place to reside.

Hotel Salak The Heritage in Bogor has 2 holiday packages for international guests as follows:
1. Bogor Holiday Package
2. Holiday Getaway Golf Package

The packages start from USD 190 per person per night including full meal and city tour and tour to surrounding cities such as Jakarta and Puncak area.

You will enoy our best Indonesian and Asian Culinary including Rendang and Nasi Goreng, in your meal plan in the package.

holiday fresh air in indonesia
holiday fresh air in indonesia

You can make a reservation to
Hotel Salak The Heritage
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.8,
Bogor, Indonesia
Phone: +62 251 8373 111.
Hotel GM: Cindy

Enjoy your holiday…

Fresh Air Holiday in Indonesia

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