Profesional outbound vendor at Jakarta area

Profesional outbound vendor at Jakarta area

Having decided to enter the world of work, everyone knows what is involved in the work environment of either good or bad side. Therefore, you have to be mentally prepared in a job competition since it is hard and quite different from university/college one.


Competition in the work environment is not easy. Many sacrifices must be given in order to remain competitive and survive. Without the ability to compete you will be left behind and your career may remain in place. There are two understandings of work motivation; firstly, a group of employee who are aware of their whole talents and have a desire to build career; secondly, a group of employee who only work to fulfill their daily needs.


Profesional outbound vendor at Jakarta area

According to Ita D. Azly, from Work&Family Life Consultant SAUH Psychological Services, to compete in the world of work needs several criteria;

  • Self-awareness; to realize what are the strengths and weaknesses. Workers are confident that they have capability to compete.
  • Self-empowerment; the ability to empower themselves with all the talents they have.
  • Self-management; after the worker continues to maximize or actualize their own potential, they can build the capacity for it. This ability is necessary in order that they are able to differentiate between personal and work matter. A personal issue should not be brought to the office because it will impact the work performance. On contrary, a work problem should not be taken home. This is essential to be a professional. The professional attitude should be upheld in all life aspects.
  • Self-relationship; to identify and seek out the talents and abilities to develop.

In addition to the above points, if you want to compete fairly you need a strong willingness to learn, open horizons, explore and develop skill. The desire to always learn from other people or from the work environment is a basic need. The more knowledge and skills are gained, the more they are prepared to compete.


You need the capability to compete fairly to get a brilliant achievement of career.

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Profesional outbound vendor at Jakarta area

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